Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I miss blogging in multiply :)

Somehow I miss blogging from here. Its so much fun and had rewarded me with so much memories and interaction. How many months since I last posted a blog here? Its been a while...sigh.

Anyway, In case you don't know, since 2009, my blog has been moved to Tumblr. You can always check it out here (and my post & reblog here).

Ang hirap kasing dalawa yung mina-manage mong blog, lalo na't walang cross-post ang multiply sa tumblr. So kailangan kong bitiwan ang isa. Sad to say, Multiply has getting dull and boring. Kakalungkot man isipin yun ang katotohan. Ganun pa man, hindi ko parin magawang iwan to.

Pero as you can see.. I'm still updating this site pag dating sa Pictures (at paminsan-minsan sa Notes rin). Hands down ako sa Multiply pag dating sa system of uploading ng photos in bulk. I have to admit it. Maganda kasi yung photo album ng Multiply unlike sa Facebook (and Friendster) na hindi nare-retain yung original size ng pictures.

Gosh, I really miss this but I have to leave now. This will be my last blog post here for a while. Stay safe folks, bye! :)


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