Friday, January 23, 2009

My birthday wish list - *ehem! ehem!*

Alright. I'm not sure on this one - but, heck!

Anyways, my birthday is coming up! On the 10th of February I will be 21.. WTF i no longer a teen..
nooooo! *runs away crying* LOL

To lighten the blow, i've been treasure hunting around the web for a month, searching things which would make me "happy" - haha!

Im telling you this so if you actually fell for my PARINIG bought me a gift from this wish list *ehem!* - i can thank you personally!! *large grin*

OMG - I feel weird bout this, but hey! I’m going to be thick-skinned-face and tell everyone who reads this post what I want. Materialism at its finest, but I claim my right to be a brat - for this is my site :D

Dont worry hindi kasama ang malaking bahay, magarang kotse, DSLR, at iPhone sa wishlist ko! - alam niyo namang super babaw lang ang kaligayahan ko :P

Okay heto na —

My Birthday Wish List:

1. 3D Doodle Kit - Simple stationery set na may stereographic tricks using the same principles as classic 3D movies..I know! I don’t have any use for this - but i really really want this one!

2. Juno Cheeseburger Phone - Nakita ko to sa movie na Juno! ang cute nito sobra, ito kagad yung napansin ko habang nakikipag telebabad siya - it really is a conversation piece!

3. 2009 Desk Calendar - Hindi ko na'to masyadong kailangan ngayon kasi may '09 Planner naman na ako. Nagustuhan ko lang yung cover niya - nice :)

4. Tetran Headphone Winder - Ito talaga ang kailangan ko! im tired of my tangled headphone wires na masakit sa mata kapag nakakalat sa kwarto ko. How to use? simple lang - wind the wires around its spikes and pop the earbuds into its mouth - thats it! May instant stress reliever kapa! It comes in green too but i likey this pink better!

5. Domo-kun Flush - Kung magiging collector ako ng kahit anong bagay bukod kay Totoro - ay si Domo na ang pipiliin ko! This Domo-kun flush is killing me with cuteness!

6. Cupcake Earings - Im crazy over "food accessories" obviously. This one is so nice. I really love the color combination. This will match my school uniform and will instantly add the cute effect to every outfit i'll wear :)

7. Cassette Tote - This one is uber cool! It looks like a cassette tape but it's actually a bag, neat huh? For my retro mood, this one is perfect for me!

8. Butter Toast Wallet - Okay the design is
so funny. This wallet looks just like a slice of buttered toast!! It's just too cute and unique - a must have to my list!

9. Cupcake Bracelet - Ooooh! This one is so cute and yummy-lookin' i want to eat it!

10. Kitty Necklace - I adore animals especially cats! So imagine my excitement when i saw this one --- It's like --- it was made for me!!!!! i super duper love it.

11. Katty Perry's heart sunglasses - Lately, i've been listening to Katty Perry's songs. This red heart sunglasses is one of her trademarks.. I love her and her gayness so much that Im willing to wear one! :P
12. Let's Make Cute Dolls book by Aranzi Aronzo - Hobby ko na talaga ang hand-sewing, recycling and crafting. (So again) This is really ME!!! Pero kung likas na sayo ang pagiging mapagbigay, okay rin sakin kung sasamahan mo pa ng: "The Cute Book", "Fun Dolls" and "Cute Stuff" lahat gawa ni Aranzi Aronzo :)

13. French Fries coin purse - Funny and cute coin purse to die for!!

14. Cherry Earings - Cherries are love!! - nuff said :)

15. Talking Moo Mixer - Okay this one is a Moo-tastic! haha. For me - perhaps the greatest invention ever! and it moos while blending pa ah! haha..and includes lid for safe drinking. Para to sa mga bum na tulad ko na paghahalo lang ng hot chocolate iaasa pa sa mixer! hahahaha..

16. Sewing Machine - please bought me this, i really really WANT a sewing machine!!!!!! hahaha..

17. Hayao Miyazaki films - Ah! one of Japan's most beloved anime film makers..
Who will forget Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service and Howls Moving Castle?? and my personal favorite My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away! Miyazaki collection is really a must have! ♥

Thats all.

Such a looooong list! haha..

Haaaay.... I just wish that I have all the money to buy these stuff!! at sana alam ko rin kung saan ko sila pwedeng mabili noh? hahaha.. I hope that I’d get one this year.. Well, it doesn’t take too much to make me happy, kahit isa lang dyan masaya nako! :)

Au revoir!


Blogger ♥AVA NICOLÉ♥ said...

wow! turning 21! ako naman 20 sa april 21 hehe don't worry TWENTEEN pa tayo! haha=P

anyhoo, i love your wishlist, joana!=D
mahilig din ako sa cupcake accessories and dito ako bumubili--> =) ganda ng mga stuffs niya! oohh and ang cute nung burger phone ni juno! hehe..nakakasawa na kasi yung typical phones noH?? hope you get the sewing machine pala!=D buti ka pa you know how to sew!

Jan 25, 2009, 11:19:00 PM  
Blogger Ashen said...

good luck, i hope someone will grant you at least one wish! lol. [:

Jan 26, 2009, 10:45:00 PM  

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