Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I miss blogging in multiply :)

Somehow I miss blogging from here. Its so much fun and had rewarded me with so much memories and interaction. How many months since I last posted a blog here? Its been a while...sigh.

Anyway, In case you don't know, since 2009, my blog has been moved to Tumblr. You can always check it out here (and my post & reblog here).

Ang hirap kasing dalawa yung mina-manage mong blog, lalo na't walang cross-post ang multiply sa tumblr. So kailangan kong bitiwan ang isa. Sad to say, Multiply has getting dull and boring. Kakalungkot man isipin yun ang katotohan. Ganun pa man, hindi ko parin magawang iwan to.

Pero as you can see.. I'm still updating this site pag dating sa Pictures (at paminsan-minsan sa Notes rin). Hands down ako sa Multiply pag dating sa system of uploading ng photos in bulk. I have to admit it. Maganda kasi yung photo album ng Multiply unlike sa Facebook (and Friendster) na hindi nare-retain yung original size ng pictures.

Gosh, I really miss this but I have to leave now. This will be my last blog post here for a while. Stay safe folks, bye! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Should I skip it or not??

Help IDK what to do...

We (SCSC officers) will be having a meeting (at the same time photoshoot) this coming Saturday from 10-1pm... Unity Bank is having a party on Saturday (despedida party for Maam Leah [it's her last day for god sake!] and I'm invited ) and the meeting is right in the middle of it. I'm not sure if i want to go late to the party or skip the meeting. Intrams is really close and I haven't even finished my job yet. If i skip it my co-officers will get mad. If I don't my guilt will kill me for not attending Maam Leah's party.

What should i do?? =_="

And for the next Saturday,

Love's little Liam (my soon inaanak), will be baptize on Saturday noon. Buong tropa ko will be there for sure and I want to be there too - so bad. BUT at the same time, school officers, including me (especially me!!) are going to prepare the school for the intrams. They need me there. Both of them are important to me... i know, i know, i have to decide... but still.

I don't know why this is happening to me!!!!
I was very free last week and I will be so much free next next next week..
Why suddenly this?! Seriously.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clay Art?

Dahil sa nagugutom ako nung time na yun, Mcdo Value meal yung ginawa ko :D

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I chopped my hair short

Yes thats me and nikka taking photos :D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SLR cam

Last night while cleaning the closet, I saw my dad's 20 yr old Olympus OM-20 SLR cam and 4m. tripod! *love* --- gonna try it someday :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

(Goku pose) Kame Hame Haaaaaa!!!!

Today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday! yey! You don't know how much i love Fridays *sigh!* Mondays coming real soon, the day i hate. The past week was quite rough, but I think I did well to overcome the difficulties. Today was blissful. yey me! Though was kinda boring. Thank you God --- just one more thing left to do --- the TRC Journal papers due next week! Pero hindi nako masyadong stress unlike last week, this weekend, I can enjoy more of my beauty sleep.. yey me! :)

Last week was probably the worst I've had so far but next week, is really gonna be quite splendid (i hope). I'm all excited ---- I can hardly wipe the big smile off my face --- see :D

Gaaah... I miss Tom.

Sana mag-friday na talaga!!!!!!!!!!



1. I made a mini me (Nike version), I call her "Imaginary Joana"

That's cute... haha...made your own here.

2. Dragonball: the legends comes to life (movie)

Saw this trailer today sa commercial. Dragonball evolution!!

Okay, In the spirit of dragonball (whateverthatnameis), i shall have a Kame Hame Haaaaa post!!!!!

DB the movie - i mean WTH?! no offense but why is Goku look like that?! Not enought japanese boys? korean? chinese? hot guy??? Nevermind.

In the picture L-R: Mai, Bulma, Goku, Oldman (what his name again?), and Chi-chi.

-->i still think Goku could be a hot jap guy!! >_<

3. Crispy Calamares

Dahil sa pinagbawalan nako bumili sa labas ng calamares, i cooked it myself.....sorry Tom, hindi na kita nahintay...(^_^)\/

4. Toys.

Im supposed to look for a wedding gift sa mall pero wala akong nakita. Nahiya akong lumabas ng walang binibili, so i bought a magazine and these two trinkets . I named them Stellar and Moldy! --- cutie pie! ^_^

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Patototz Jokes :D

Patototz = name ng tropa/barkada nmin.

"Habang nasa sasakyan pauwi from Baguio...
Pagod lahat pero mataas parin ang energy...
Sa gitna ng katahimikan may biglang hihirit...

JOANA: huuuuy guys, may joke ako!!!

PATOTOTZ: ikaw may joke!? ocge ocge ano?

JOANA: Knock, knock...

PATOTOTZ: hahaha...who's there?

JOANA: *ehem* Joana.

"hindi pa naguumpisa may tumatawa na.."

PATOTOTZ: hahahaha...Joana who?

JOANA: *singing the Aerosmith song - I dont want to miss a thing* --- I could stay awake just to hear you breathing .. watch you smile while you are sleeping while you're far away dreaming.. I could spend my life in this sweet surrender .. I could stay lost in this moment... forever.... every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure.. I JOANA close my eyes.. I JOANA fall asleep...

PATOTOTZ: Hahahahahahaha!!!!

..At doon nagsimula ang mahaba-habang tawanan...

HEIZEL: Magaling..magaling.. ako rin may joke! *ehem* Knock, knock..

PATOTOTZ: Who's there?

HEIZEL: ahihihi... Toloy!

PATOTOTZ: hahaha.. Toloy who??

HEIZEL: *singing the song of Neocolors* --- TOLOY pa rin ang awit ng buhay ko.. nagbago man ang hugis ng puso mo ..handa na ‘kong hamunin ang aking mundo ‘pagkat TOLOY pa rin..

PATOTOTZ: Hahahahahahaha!!!

GHIN: Mahusay! hahaha.. pero wala yan sa joke ko.. Knock knock!!

PATOTOTZ: Who's there?

GHIN: Abek!

PATOTOTZ: hahaha.. Abek who?

GHIN: *singing Achy breaky heart of Billy Cyrus* --- Dont break my heart. My ABEK, ABEK-y heart...

PATOTOTZ: ayos!!! hahahaha..

TOLOY: Kala nyo kayo lang may joke? Ako rin meron! Knock knock!!

PATOTOTZ: Who's there?

TOLOY: Ella.

PATOTOTZ: Ayuriiiiii... haha... Ella who?

TOLOY: *singing Manila Girl* --- manELLA girl, manELLA girl...

PATOTOTZ: Hahahaha..

RICHARD: ANg kokorni nyo naman! Eto malupit.. Knock knock!!

PATOTOTZ: Haha.. Who's there?


PATOTOTZ: Zhel who?

RICHARD: *singing the song of Side A - Tell me* --- ZHEL me.. where did i go wrong? ..what did i do to make you change your mind completely..

PATOTOTZ: Hahaha...mas korni ka!!! haha

Takte! mga walang kwenta jokes nyo! Heto manahin nyo! Knock knock!!

PATOTOTZ: Who's there?

BRYAN: Carlo!

PATOTOTZ: Haha..Carlo who?

BRYAN: *singing Flo Rida's Low with matching dance no.* --- Shawty had them apple bottom jeans.. boots with the furrr.. the whole club was looking at her she hit the floor (she hit the floor).. next thing you know.. shawty got CARLOw, low low low low...

PATOTOTZ: Hahaha..pamatay!!

CARLO: Pamatay yun, pero mas pamatay to! Knock knock!

PATOTOTZ: Who's there?

CARLO: Gian!

PATOTOTZ: Gian who?

CARLO: *singing Kiliti by D'Bodies* --- Huwag GIAN, may kiliti ako GIAN, huwag GIAN.. popsie relax ka lang.. may kiliti ako GIAN!

PATOTOTZ: Hahahahahahahahahahaha...(ROFL)

- Laughtrip :D

*more pictures soon.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ox na Ox!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!! ♥