Thursday, March 5, 2009

(Goku pose) Kame Hame Haaaaaa!!!!

Today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday! yey! You don't know how much i love Fridays *sigh!* Mondays coming real soon, the day i hate. The past week was quite rough, but I think I did well to overcome the difficulties. Today was blissful. yey me! Though was kinda boring. Thank you God --- just one more thing left to do --- the TRC Journal papers due next week! Pero hindi nako masyadong stress unlike last week, this weekend, I can enjoy more of my beauty sleep.. yey me! :)

Last week was probably the worst I've had so far but next week, is really gonna be quite splendid (i hope). I'm all excited ---- I can hardly wipe the big smile off my face --- see :D

Gaaah... I miss Tom.

Sana mag-friday na talaga!!!!!!!!!!



1. I made a mini me (Nike version), I call her "Imaginary Joana"

That's cute... haha...made your own here.

2. Dragonball: the legends comes to life (movie)

Saw this trailer today sa commercial. Dragonball evolution!!

Okay, In the spirit of dragonball (whateverthatnameis), i shall have a Kame Hame Haaaaa post!!!!!

DB the movie - i mean WTH?! no offense but why is Goku look like that?! Not enought japanese boys? korean? chinese? hot guy??? Nevermind.

In the picture L-R: Mai, Bulma, Goku, Oldman (what his name again?), and Chi-chi.

-->i still think Goku could be a hot jap guy!! >_<

3. Crispy Calamares

Dahil sa pinagbawalan nako bumili sa labas ng calamares, i cooked it myself.....sorry Tom, hindi na kita nahintay...(^_^)\/

4. Toys.

Im supposed to look for a wedding gift sa mall pero wala akong nakita. Nahiya akong lumabas ng walang binibili, so i bought a magazine and these two trinkets . I named them Stellar and Moldy! --- cutie pie! ^_^