Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All about me (the survey)

All about yourself...

First name? Joana
Middle name? Asuncion
Like your name? it's alright.
Named after anyone? no.
Any nicknames? Jo, Joan.
Age? twenty.
Birthdate? February 10.
Birthplace? Bataan.
Time you were born? six in the morning.
Current location? Bataan.
Height? 5'4.
Like your height? it's alright.
Eye color? dark brown.
Contacts/glasses? no.
Hair color? black.
Natural hair color? black.
Dye your hair often? no.
Righty or lefty? righty.

Your favorite...

Type of music? rock.
Band or singer? keane, coldplay, the killers.
TV show? anime.
Movie? wicker park, amelie, braveheart and all miyazaki films.
TV channel? TV 5.
Radio station? brewrats hit 99.5
Place to be? i don't know.
Thing to do? sleep, eat, capture, sew, draw.
Food? asian.
Non alcoholic drink? mountain dew, fun-chum.
Animal? panda, polar bear. penguins.
Holiday? christmas.
Season? summer.
Sport? hiking.
Clothing brand? it varies.
Scent? i don't know.
Restaurant? undecided.
Fruit? mango, tomato.
Vegetable? cauliflower, lettuce.
Fast food restaurant? kfc.
Pizza topping? hot peppers.
Ice cream flavor? mint moosetracks.
Magazine? seventeen.
City? i don't know.
Color? purple, yellow, green.
Number? thirteen.

This or that...

Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate.
Pepsi or coke? pepsi.
Hot or cold? cold.
Black or white? white.
Dog or cat? both.
French toast or pancakes? pancakes.
French fries or onion rings? fries.
Hamburger or hot dog? burger.
Pepperoni or sausage? pepperoni.
Britney or Christina? neither.
McDonalds or Burger King? burger king.
50 Cent or Eminem? eminem.
Canada or Mexico? canada.
Hug or kiss? hug.
Movies or TV? flicks.
Truth or dare? dare.

Do you...

Shower daily? yeah.
Sing in the shower? sometimes.
Like to sing? yes.
Like to dance? not really.
Smoke? no.
Drink? occasionally.
Cuss? usually.
Talk to yourself? yes.
Believe in yourself? sometimes.
Play an instrument? no.
Go to school? yes.
Go to college? yes.
Have a job? none.
Want to get married? someday.
Want to have kids? someday.
Get along with your parents? most of the time.
Get along with your siblings? most of the time.
Drive? no.


Do you think you're trustworthy? yeah.
Think your funny? sometimes.
Ever toilet papered someones house? yeah.
Gone garbage can tipping? no.
Do you wash your hands frequently? yeah.
Collect anything? kind of.
Ever been in love? yes.
In love right now? yes.
What are you wearing right now? school uniform.
How does your hair look? in a bun.
Ever had your heartbroken? not really.
Ever broken the law? plenty of times.
Been arrested? never.
Been out of the country? no.
Can you stick your fist in your mouth? no.
When was the last time you got drunk? it's been awhile.
Do you do drugs? no.
Do you prefer the lights on or off? off.
Are small yippie dogs annoying? no.
Would you ever get plastic surgery? only if i were in some sort of accident.
Do you prefer boxers or briefs? boxer.
Do you like to laugh? corz..who doesn't?
Ever had a bloody nose? yeah.
Have you ever caught a fish? yeah.
What was the last thing you ate? paella.
What time do you go to bed? whenever.
Do you like to give or recieve? give and receive.
Are you obsessed with anything/anyone? yeah.
Do you live alone? no.
Do you own a blender? yeah.
Ever been up a mountain? yes.
Ever been rootin'? don't even know what that is.
Do you like surprises? depends.
Do you use conditioner on your hair? atleast thrice a week.
Can you swim? yes.
MySpace or Facebook? facebook.
Which planet is your favorite? uranus.
Do you care for the Jonas Brothers? no.
Do you care for Twilight? no.
Do you care for High school musical? no.
Do you want to be rich and famous? maybe rich but not famous.
Are you glad that this survey has come to an end? yesss.

Survey brounght to you by: Bzoink.


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